Nanny’s Workshop

On 22nd June 2013, Therapies for Kids introduced a series of Nanny workshops to provide the nanny / care giver with more detailed practical techniques to effectively support both child and family.

Facilitators such as occupational therapists and Educational therapists train the nanny’s of children with special needs to create a holistic approach, and establish a care circle that bests supports the child’s needs.

Topics covered include: therapeutic routines such as proper/healthy eating habits, creative discipline techniques, positive communication techniques and basic life skills.Nanny's Workshop Kenya

The workshop started at 2:30pm at the Therapies for Kids Centre . In attendance was a group of 15 enthusiastic caregivers and the whole TfK team. The participants were very excited about the workshop.

Grace did the introduction and went ahead to shed some light on the aim of the workshop.The therapists (in turns) tackled the demonstration of routines such as positioning and feeding.

Mrs. Haines did a presentation on creative discipline techniques and healthy snacks and routine.

The Q & A session came last. The main issues raised were caregiver-parent conflicts and Nutrition. The nannies were of the opinion that it is very difficult to practice what they are told by the therapists if the parents are not in agreement. Sometimes they want to practice what they learnt at home but the parents just won’t let them. It was agreed that these issues should be tackled collectively by the therapist, caregiver’s and the parents. The caregiver’s were also advised to look for an appropriate way to approach issues when dealing with parents and to give them daily reports on therapy sessions. It’s easier to convince a parent when they see that you show interest in their child’s development and you have their interest at heart.

These issues will be given priority in the next workshop. The workshop ended at 6pm.

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