About Us


About therapies for kids

We are changing the lives of children with disabilities…

Therapies for Kids is well equipped Pediatric Centre that provides holistic specialized services in PEDIASUIT™ therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech & Language therapy and Sensory Integration.

Therapies for Kids uses a team approach to offer assessment, treatment and advice as appropriate. We mainly work with children with physical and mental impairments and work with the child, usually through a planned therapy programme involving parents/care givers, where appropriate.

Our aim is to provide a client and family centered rehabilitation service with outcomes that empower individuals and maximize the ability to communicate and participate in daily life.

Opened in May 2011, we have a strong team  of therapists who are highly trained in a range of contemporary therapeutic evidence-based approaches.

Our Objectives


  • To offer high quality, evidence based contemporary therapy services; and to undertake training and research activities that support the community in providing opportunities for all children, adolescents and young adults.
  • To provide affordable and top-of-the-market Paedsuit, Physio, Occupational and Speech therapy services to children with special needs in Kenya and the wider African region to reach their full potential developmentally, physically and academically;
  • To work with children and families with disabilities to best meet their individual needs;



Our Vision

  • To be the ultimate centre providing holistic therapies.
  • As the ultimate centre providing holistic therapies we promise to continuously improve and improve efficiency.
  • We seek to strengthen our core services and open new path to contemporary therapies


Our Mission

  • To meet the developmental and behavioral challenges of children by building on our tradition of compassion, dedication, excellence and innovation.